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The Main Factors that Influence your Landscaping Project

Updated On: June 1, 2010

Each landscaping job should be extremely efficient. Having said that, here are some things that you should take into account:

  • Materials - Available materials, methods of fabrication, and individual preferences.
  • Climate - The overall climate as well as microclimates on the site, and how they influence the choices of suitable planting materials, the design of the irrigation system, and hardscape features.
  • Family needs - The cultural needs, allergies to plants, individual desires, and expectation from outdoor living space if the people who will use the landscape.
  • Site Analysis - The nature of the site, its immediate surroundings, topographic and ecological conditions, and all natural and human-made objects now existing on the site or planned for the future.
  • Budget - Available resources of money and time.

The designer should ask the family that will use the landscape what they want and what they plan to do outdoors. The designer should understand the client's desires and needs, and determine what space, climate, materials, method of fabrication, and budget are available to accommodate these well-defined goals. A questionnaire is helpful. Analyze family activities and routines, and consider outdoor living, relaxing, entertaining, playing, gardening, and household servicing. Small children need open lawn for playing; gardeners need space for growing vegetables and flowers. Make allowances for future changes in the landscape. The original plan for a young family could include open areas in which children and pets can play. As the family reaches its middle years, more extensive and expensive plantings could be put in, and the children's play area could be converted into a lily pond or swimming pool.  Site analysis, climate, and budgetary constraints are such critical factors in landscape design. Be sure to refer to explanations above.